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Welcome to the home of Roundabout Records, where music comes to life.

We are a full service music production & recording studio located in beautiful South Florida.

South Florida DJRoundabout is created on a strong foundational basis of not only creating music, but offering the service of music. That is why we also offer Resident DJ and Mobile DJ services for a wide range of business & personal needs.  RR, llc has been providing elite DJ services throughout South Florida since early 2005.

Our event experience is guaranteed to have your guests on their feet and enjoying the upbeat atmosphere. Roundabout Dj Services have entertained guests from Weddings to Corporate Events, Birthdays, Bar/Bat mitzvah, 40th, Sweet Sixteen Parties, and even today’s trendiest Nightclubs & Lounges. A Roundabout Records DJ will design, develop, and execute on a custom tailored experience in sound that will energize your crowd, leaving them with a luxuriously lasting impression.

Brand development has found itself moving in the direction of media marketing like radio placement and product placement within music videos. Roundabout Records can provide songs or design specific sounds for productions such as music videos, commercials, and websites.  Our in-house production team can produce big sounds at the fraction of the price of a big studio. We can even help get the word out on your career! Kick start it with Social Artist Packages perfect for traction on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Soundcloud.

south-florida-dj-nbcRoundabout Records produces the freshest songs and design sounds currently in the music, video, commercials and website industry today. Our elite production services include, and are not limited to, voice-over recording, guitar tracking, and vocal tracking. Music isn’t just for big budgets and major artists, we have DJ mix recording packages starting at $150.00 with FREE digital content creationIf you are a DJ and you want to record a demo or CD,

Aspiring singers find a happy home at Roundabout Records. Our production team has the capability to record any vocals over an instrumental or custom made track! If you are a DJ and you want to record a demo or CD, we use our top level production and industry experience to record your mix, apply editing, add vocal drops & sound effects, then add the CD markers so you can skip tracks on the CD along with a complimentary MP3 version of the mix that you can use on the internet with major level social platforms like Soundclound, Mixcloud, Myspace, & Drop Box. We perform all our professional and elite services in-house at our prestigious Roundabout Records facility.

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