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After many years of playing countless clubs and event in South Florida, DJ FONO started Roundabout Records LLC. If there is one lasting impression you take away from any musical experience with DJ FONO is that he plays for the crowd, but we have to explain the story before we spoil the ending.

dj-fonoBorn in Queens, New York, this premier Roundabout Records artist had already stemmed from a deejay-friendly family upon coming into this world. Not only have both his father and brother mastered their finger-work on tracks, but like only the select few within the world class DJ’s, young Fono began combining records when he was only 12 years old! By the time he was 16 years old, Fono possessed better skills than his friends, family members, and even local competitors.

Life isn’t easy, but Fono always answered that with, “compared to what??” Becoming part of the music industry was in his blood, his nature, and his future. He began as an intricate member of R&R Djs which was an audio-mixing company in Boca Raton which played host to parties at “Logger’s Run Middle School” in the same city. By the time this new entrepreneur was 18, he had spent years producing tracks with his own H2O label, and was programming beats for both pleasure & pay. Life is good.

Let’s get back to how this talented DJ plays for people. Every musical journey is an experience carefully crafted to cater to crowd.  Dj Fono is most well known as a World Class DJ & Electronic Music Producer.  Roundabout Records has released many songs from this premier artist on while finding new ways to market the personality of Fono.

russell-simmons-dj-fonoThe DJ has been featured on NBC’s “South Florida Today” as well as the prestigious publication, Atlantic Ave Magazine. One night you may be taken on a rider with 80’s & Funk, while getting the best Hip-Hop & R&B music of today, maybe he will bring you behind the scenes of the word renowned megaclub’s with hard pumping House & Electronic Dance Music! Simply put, his DJ is a rare breed.

Witnessing the people’s energy levels skyrocket gives the entertainer an enormous rush. This is the lifestyle that DJ FONO chooses to lead, but every experienced professional recognizes when its time to slow down the pace and focus on what is important. Dj Fono and Roundabout Records want to bring their unique music to the masses through a friendly approach that includes every listener in the experience. He loves to promote artists and will continue to pursue perfection while growing within a competitive and exciting industry.

If you’re looking for only the greatest experience and atmosphere, heart pulsing, head banging music, or even in you just love to dance.. come check out one a DJ FONO show! Spinning beats that bring a continuous flow to loaded dance floors, DJ Fono’s mixing and scratching keeps an ideal and constant flow.

dj-fono-scratchingThese days, Fono is living in Delray Beach and makes special appearances at nightclubs throughout Florida, as well as New York and California. Roundabout Records has found great success and had an amazing time networking the area for almost a decade!

Dj Fono’s career is not only growing his business and personal label, but it is getting him out of the studio becoming a seasoned traveling DJ behind a set of turntables. To Fono, “This is a dream come true.”

In the near future, the man experienced in industry clout, looks to continue to create his music around the globe. Picking up lessons from cities and building off of the loving and exciting characteristics of all of his amazing fans is part of the journey.

Fono is looking forward to headlining the world-renowned Club Liv in Miami Beach, Florida located with the luxurious Fontainebleau Hotel & Resort.

DJ FONO can be seen featured as a resident for the brand new Atlantic Avenue ultra-lounge, “SALT 7”.

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